Canadians are stereotyped as one of the most popular beer lovers in the world. Among the most popular alcoholic drinks, beer is rated as the top. In particular, craft beer has sunk its roots in the Canadian market, and people cant get over it! It has helped boost the revenue growth of the county in spite of the other trades falling.

Breweries around Canada engage in the high production of the craft beer that ranges from the traditional labels to the incentive ones. Craft breweries were at once referred to as micro-breweries, but due to the increased demand for their product, these companies have drastically evolved to huge companies. Breweries such as the Quebec and Ontario sell more than $20 million worth of beers.


Due to the many brands of beer produced by the factories in Canada, people find it difficult to choose a brand that is going to grace an occasion such as a barbecue. There are many events which have been planned to educate the people on the different styles of brew of craft beers and also one can indulge in tasting the different brands to come up with their favorite.

Among the 20 great Canadian craft beers, the imperial pale ales are given credit for breaking boundaries to the United Kingdom. Interesting to note, its journey continues to India to keep the fresh beer on the market. Gluten Belgian Double is one of the traditional flavors made from barley making it gluten-free. Weissbier is also a perfect number one German beer made from the Bavarian yeast. Nutcracker porter, Unibroue, and Blueberry Cream Ale are also some of the traditional craft beers whose sales have impacted positively on the brewery market (About.Me).


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive Officer of the Steamworks Group of Companies. He established this beer company after graduating from the school of law. Since Eli knew he needed a break before settling in a career, he engaged himself in art classes in daytime and visiting the French Alps during weekends.


On a trip to Heidelberg, Germany, Eli Gershkovitch got exposed to the Belgian beer where he visited the first microbrewery. Although the company was not as big and intimidating, it birthed his idea of establishing Steamworks Company. Eli was also involved in legal practices in Vancouver where he helped clients get liquor licenses.

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