Mike Baur, the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, is a prominent individual in Switzerland due to his ability to make startup business grow rapidly. Baur is a holder of an MBA degree from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the University of Berne. He is an ardent, innovative and creative entrepreneur who has spent over 20 years working in the banking sector.


At a tender age, Mike Baur earned great honor in the banking sector and was hired to advise some of the wealthiest personalities in Switzerland on the best investment opportunities to opt for. It is important to note that he was in his 20’s when getting to this status. He was definitely younger than any other financial adviser at the time. He went on to earn the rarefied status of the Swiss banking industry which is one of the most coveted honors. It is through this hard work and determination that Mike Baur was able to move from a banking intern at the UBS to becoming an executive board member of the largest private Swiss bank. While working at the UBS he impressed the management and was appointed to higher ranks within the organization. By 2008, he had risen to the rank of managing director, Zurich branch responsible for private banking, He stayed at the UBS for 8 years before leaving to join Clariden Leu.


Clariden Leu which was a merger of a number of private banks recognized the unique talent of Mike Baur and hired him to be the head of its operations in the whole of Zurich region. When he joined Clariden Leu he brought in some of his former workmates at UBS to help him take Clariden Leu to higher levels of growth.


Mike Baur later left the banking industry for two reasons. One, to follow his passion for business and two, to escape the “big cat syndrome.” He felt that most managers in the sector are slow to adapt to changes which leave them clueless in times of crisis. They think they know everything yet they are the weak points in case things go south.


After leaving the sector Mike together with his partners started the Swiss Startup Factory. His experience from the banking sector had taught him how to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Swiss Startup factory helps business people to make clear and insightful financial decisions. They also offer mentorship and training to budding entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.


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