Louis Chenevert is the perfect example of success in the legacy he left at UTC. Louis R Chenevert is French-Canadian; he earned his degree in business management from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes commerciales. Before joining the United Technologies Corporation, he had previously worked at general motors for more than ten years. He was the president of the Pratt and Whitney unit for close to a decade.

During Louis Chenevert tenure at UTC, his primary emphasis was investing in technology and his workforce. Leaving the organization far more advanced than he had found it was his secondary objective. The company invests in its employees, by establishing a scholarship program that enables the human workforce to access higher education .the program has helped thousands of its employees around the globe.

During Louis tenure, the organization was able to acquire Goodrich, the group which they had spent many tears trying to negotiate a fee. The company won the bid to become the sole supplier of F-35 engines to the United States government. Under the leadership of Chenevert, UTC established the Sikorsky unit which makes helicopters for the state. The aerospace unit which is the most significant concentrates on the production of equipment such as landing gears, brakes, actuators, flight controls and sensors. The organization is also the leading manufacturer of heating, refrigeration and cooling equipment.

Forbes has also recognized Louis Chenevert‘s leadership citing him to be a champion of development.The conclusion to these achievements has been to the way UTC has consistently delivered results. It worth noting that during the recession period Louis Chenevert guided the organization through the challenges with it emerging to be the giant it is today.

Also, with Chenevert he can identify good opportunities concerning technology and invest in them, continually supervising the projects to make sure they pick off. Chenevert and the current president have laid basis in spending on state of the art technology. It is a visionary move as it makes sure the organization is up to speed with the new trends hence giving them a chance in the competitive market. Chenevert resigned from UTC and became an advisor at Goldman Sachs.

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