Being one of the wealthiest Brazilians so far Roberto Santiago has continued to be in people’s mouths for all the right reasons. He has made a good name for himself in the business world and more so in the mall industry. His business has been due to his excellent knack in entrepreneurship through his determination, motivation, and knowledge in all matters pertaining business.

Born in 1958, Roberto Santiago attended the Pio x Marist College in Brazil and later proceeded to the University of Center and earned his first degree in Business Administration. It is this knowledge that set him up to develop the high interest and motivation in business matters.

After school, Santiago got employed at a famous company the café Santa Rosa that was involved in the decorative business. During his time at the company he got to hone his skills, and with time his desire to start something of his own grew over stronger.

Santiago learned vital business skills that to establish his first business and company. The cartonnage company he started was involved in the business of selling cardboard that was later used to make boxes for the decorative market.

Roberto steered the firm to significant heights and in the process being able to make lots of money. The money he got from his cartonnage company is what he saved up and invested in the lucrative Brazilian real estate sector.

He has heavily invested in the real estate sector through the development of residential and commercial facilities, the famous one being the Manaira shopping mall in his hometown of Joao Pessoa.

Mall has done superbly well since it opens its doors and has attracted both locals and international citizen who come to experience the best shopping experience. The Mall houses several outlets including banks, cinemas, eateries, game sections, shopping outlets, bouquets, and jewelry stores among others.

Besides owing the Manaira shopping mall, Santiago is also the proud owner of the Mangeira shopping mall. The mall is located in the same locality as Manaira and has received almost the same positive reviews as the latter.

Besides his busy and established business life, Santiago has also developed an interest in various social life activities. He has been a great lover of kart and motocross championships something that has earned him numerous accolades.

Santiago has made it his mission to make Brazil a better company through his business adventures. He attributes his success to three key pillars that are; commitment hard work and passion in whatever he does.

The young people he meets, he tries to offer them advice that helps them to actualize their dreams and business ideas. By doing assisting the young generation, he can achieve his goal of seeing Brazil grow.


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