The Oxford club offers the members the platform in which to network and interact. The club is made of private investors and business people across the globe. It was formed in 1989with an aim of bringing members together to grow their wealth through investments. As the mission suggests, it is meant to create sustainable wealth to its members and also to ensure they enjoy a rich life.

With around three decades in operation, the Oxford Club’s strategies in use for investments have been tested with time. They have been seen to be quite effective in creating the expected returns. The club is mainly involved in transactions of equities, options, stocks, real estate investments and also currencies.

It has well experienced experts who are able to carry out thorough market analyses and forecasts based on various trends. This way, they are able to get informative knowledge that they share with the members to assist them in making investment decisions.

Apart from the various prestigious benefits it offers the members, it also invests in informative publications. This team is led by one of the bestselling authors in New York Times, Alexander Green. He is also the Chief Investment Strategist at the club. At the moment, the club has visibility in around 131 nations with a total membership of around 157,000.

One can join the Oxford Club’s membership online or by visiting the customer care desk. There are three tiers of membership with each level getting different benefits and privileges.

  1. Premier Membership

This is the initial level of membership. Members are able to access the monthly publications on investments among other benefits. A membership fee is paid with annual renewal of membership.

  1. Director’s Circle Membership

This is the second level of membership. Members pay a subscription fee plus an annual maintenance fee. Members also attain a life-long membership at the club with unlimited access to all the three editorials. Even better, their dependents can join them to become full-time members.

  1. Chairman’s Club Membership

This is the ultimate membership level. It comes with extra privileges and VIP treatment. Organized meetings are done on an annual basis to help members at this level to network.

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