Banco Bradesco is very particular about how it selects its leaders. Thus far, despite being more than seven decades old, the bank has only had four presidents: Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, Marcio Cypriano, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The processes that were followed to select these leaders have largely remained consistent over the years and are equally expected to be applied during this succession cycle.

As with most organizations, significant decisions such as selecting a new president are typically done around the time of the annual general meeting. With the bank’s next meeting scheduled for the third month of 2018, a decision on who will assume the powerful position will not be made anytime soon. That said, the bank will remain in good hands as Luiz Carlos Trabuco will fulfill the responsibilities of both president and chairman.

Banco Bradesco has a rich tradition of selecting presidents from within the organization. This tradition not only serves as a motivator to those working in the bank but also ensures that its senior leaders are well informed about its corporate culture. Consequently, handovers of power from one president to another are rarely felt as the incoming ones understand and build on the work initiated by their predecessors. With seven highly capable vice presidents currently employed by Banco Bradesco, the bank will likely add another legendary name to its short list of presidents.


More Changes

The appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco to the position of chairman will likely not be the only change that will be made to the Banco Bradesco board. In the past, the president of the bank has typically had a seat on the board. In fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was not only a member of the board, but he was also the vice chairman. However, that is all expected to change. Today, Banco Bradesco is bigger than it has ever been before and it may thus prove to be too demanding to have a president also serve on the board. Additionally, the bank’s size may even demand a bigger-sized board. While the eight-member board has done a lot to grow the bank thus far, it will likely begin to fell strained should Bradesco continue to grow at the current rate for a few more years.

Safe in Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Hands

Understandably, being subject to a number of significant changes all at once can have a far-reaching effect on the fortunes of a financial institution. However, investors and customers of Banco Bradesco will be at ease knowing that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is still at the bank despite the changes. As president, Mr. Trabuco has been central to Banco Bradesco’s tremendous growth over the last eight years. Further, just like Lazaro Brandao before him, Mr. Trabuco has spent his entire career thus far working at Banco Bradesco for more than 40 years. He, therefore, understands the soul and purpose of the bank. The incoming president will be quite fortunate to have a chairman such as Luiz Carlos Trabuco and should consequently take every possible opportunity to learn from the legendary banker.

Some of Bradesco’s high ranking executives expected to take over from Luiz Carlos Trabuco include

• Mauricio Machado de Minas
• Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
• Josué Augusto Pancini
• Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• Octavio de Lazari
• André Rodrigues Cano

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