Fabletics is really raising the bar on what it takes to be successful as a retailer. The team behind the brand is taking a lot of initiative with the customers. While some companies will start online and open physical locations, Fabletics has not only started online, but has also found ways to keep in touch with the customer even when the customer shops at a physical location. This is one of the best ways to keep in touch with the customers. After all, a customer that has a good relationship with a company is going to be more likely to shop at the company.


One of the reasons that Fabletics is using an omni-channel approach with their marketing is because the brand is about more than just selling products. Kate Hudson has started the brand as a way to inspire women to live their lives beyond the mediocre. She is aware that many people are not satisfied with their lives. Therefore, she wants to show women ways that they can enhance their lives and bring about something they can be happy about. She is also using Fabletics as a vehicle to address different health concerns that women have to face.


One health concern that Kate Hudson has looked into is breast cancer. She has ran a campaign to get people aware of the condition and give them ways that they can donate. Their donations go to cancer research so that they can develop the best treatments for breast cancer.


When people shop at Fabletics, they are not only going to notice the cute clothes that are available, but also the purpose for which the company fights for. Kate Hudson wants to promote health and beauty. She is an example of both in that she tries to live a healthy lifestyle. She is also very thoughtful in the clothes that she wears. When she puts herself together, she carries herself in a way that brings her admiration. She is a great role model for people who want to run a business and be of great benefit to their communities. One thing that Fabletics has beyond great products is a compelling message.

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