Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur known for creating several of the most recognizable online entities in recent times. He recently participated in a Q & A session in which he touched on a number of things, including his budding new company, Stellar, as well as his daily process, and how it factors into his overall success. Jed McCaleb’s decision to create the Stellar network was based on the vast potential that he saw in Bitcoin, as well as the cryptocurrency market in its entirety. In his estimation, Bitcoin can be seen as a new way to transfer value from place to place, and due to the high costs associated with money transfer, as well as the fact that there are billions of people around the world who are currently unbanked, he decided to create a link with Stellar, that would allow people who are traditionally neglected by major banking institutions, an avenue in which to conduct their banking needs.

On a typical day, Jed McCaleb breaks his process down into two separate, but equally important parts. He initially delves into what he has coined as “focus mode,” where he spends his time concentrating on the actual work associated with building a quality product; this time usually consists of building and coding. After he finishes the tasks that fall under the “focus mode,” criteria, he begins, what he has termed, “reactive mode,” where spends time responding to emails, as well the other aspects related to running a company. By breaking down his time into two separate modes, his ability to remain efficient throughout the day is drastically increased.

As a leader in the online entrepreneurial community, Jed McCaleb keeps his pulse on many of the growing technologies that he believes will alter the way society functions as a whole, and at the top of his watch list is artificial intelligence. Mr. McCaleb believes that while the possibilities regarding this new tech can at times be frightening, they are virtually endless, making it one of the most exciting industries of the future. He recently donated to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, helping to spur on the process, while staying abreast of the changes.

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