It is time to start thinking about your investment returns once again. While 2017 wrapped up as a great year for the markets, it is now time to turn your focus towards keeping that momentum going into 2018. The Oxford Club, a group from around the world that seeks to find strategies that outperform the markets have a few ideas to help you along in this journey.

Save More

Obviously, you need to save more money if you want to have higher investment returns. It is not as though you are going to get very far if you do not even have the funds necessary to keep things growing in the first place. Cutting small expenses like eating out can help you put more money towards your investment returns.

Keep Those Investment Costs In Check

Even the cost of investing can keep you from reaching the kind of results you want to have. You see, when you put your money to work with someone, you are agreeing to pay them a fee for the services that they have provided. They often make those services look incredibly cheap. They will peg them at just one or two percent. However, that adds up over time as your portfolio continues to grow. Try to keep that in check by paying attention to what the fees really are.

Re-Balance Your Portfolio

The time has come to take off some of the profits from your portfolio and shift them into things that have declined in price. Doing this once per year can help you stay balance with your money.

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