Having no experience in government, Betsy DeVos is now in charge of the country’s Department of Education. She’s now working in Washington, D.C. although she has very little experience working with President Trump. Her staff at the Education Department is mostly vacant at the top and she just had a tough assignment that put her diplomatic skills to the task. She was pitted with someone who has had plenty of experience in Washington and whose voice is heard almost constantly by the POTUS.



Her being a major donor to the campaign kitty of Trump surely have had her in the sights of the President that’s why Ms. DeVos is now sitting at her Secretary’s desk in Washington. But the latest issue surrounding people’s access to transgender bathroom has placed her against Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General. Betsy DeVos is at a disadvantaged position as Sessions, a former senator for many years, has the ears of Trump.



Prior to Trump rescinding the federal policy that allows the use of school bathrooms by transgender students according to their preferred gender identities, Ms. DeVos met with the representatives of transgender and gay employees at the Department of Education. She warned the representative about what is about to happen. Trump subsequently made the announcement that rescinded that particular policy, and Ms. DeVos seemed to have lost her cause.



However, an aide of the Secretary assured the representative that Ms. DeVos resisted the President’s move, citing some people who were present at Trump’s briefing on Wednesday. But as a dutiful member of the cabinet, she didn’t show her defiance in public and that there’s a rift on the issue inside Trump’s administration. She was there when the announcement of the new policy was made. But she later said on Thursday, at the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference, that the former federal guidelines announced by the previous administration were a very big example of Obama’s overreach.



In light of this development, people might think that Betsy DeVos will be a meek follower to whatever the POTUS wants her to do. Those who have spent time with her these many years warn that she will not be a meek player in Trump’s team. Ms. Devos, now 59 years old, is a daughter of Edgar Prince, a billion-dollar businessman dealing with auto parts. She married Dick DeVos, who is a scion of a much richer family whose father founded Amway.



For about three decades, Betsy DeVos sought to transfer tax dollars from public schools and channel them to charter schools. These schools are run by private groups using public funds. They operate outside of the public school system. She also fought for taxes to pay for the tuition of students going to private schools. Opponents of charter schools say that they are undermining public education by reducing its resources. Ms. DeVos and other supporters of charter schools say they give poor families additional options and are acting like competitors to public schools forcing them to improve. Ms. DeVos detractors, however, claim that she lacks a real connection to public education since she and her husband both got their education in private schools.


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