The medical research and development industry is one of the most important in the world as it is directly responsible for curing diseases and helping people to live a happier and healthier life. One company that has continued to be a pioneer in the field is Expansion Therapeutics.


Expansion Therapeutics has been very successful thus far in creating a few different ways to treat some different disorders. One of the ailments that are focused on curing and treating now is DM1. This disorder is considered one of the leading causes of muscular dystrophy and can have a number of affects on someone’s life. Expansion Therapeutics was able to find a correlation between the disease and an increase in the level of RNA in someone’s blood.


Since finding this correlation, Expansion Therapeutics has been hard at work to develop a drug that will help to slow this progression and even reverse it entirely. Since it is a genetic disorder, DM1 can end up affecting multiple children in a family, which does provide some unique opportunities when it comes to research and studying the disease.


While Expansion Therapeutics has been very successful in helping to develop ways to treat a variety of ailments, the company has also been very successful with investors. Many different investors in the life sciences industry see the strong potential that the company has. This has allowed the company to raise several different tranches of equity, including a recent $55 million equity infusion. This money will go towards helping the company continue to grow and research. Several different private equity firms that are heavily invested in the industry and see potential in Expansion Therapeutics provided the capital.


While Expansion Therapeutics has many different individuals that are responsible for the success of the organization, the company continues to be led by Scott Rocklage. Scott Rocklage is a doctor and medical professional that has been in the industry for decades. Through is role with Expansion Therapeutics, which he is a founder of, and prior organizations, he has continued to help advance a wide range of different products and technologies. Learn more:

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