Gregory Jame Aziz has been the Chairman, President & CEO of National Steel Car since he purchased it in 1994 from Dofasco. James Aziz grew up in Ontario, he was born in the city of London, Ontario, Canada and went to school at Ridley College, briefly, before heading to the University of West Ontario to major in economics.


His company, National Steel Car is one of the country’s leading producers of railroad freight and tank cars. The company has been manufacturing for well over 100 years and still moving forward. The company says that its cornerstone are the people: the employees of National Steel car.

National Steel Car consistently wins almost every award in the industry each year. It has been given the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 and has been North America’s only ISO certified railroad car manufacturing company for the last 18 years.


Greg J Aziz was not always in the railroad cart production business. In 1971, he joined his family’s wholesale food distribution business, Affiliated Foods. Over the course of the next two decades the company grew into a multi-national success. Later, during the 80s and 90s Greg Aziz worked with a handful of investment banks while living in New York. It is these two jobs that gave Gregory James Aziz the experience necessary to one day become the CEO of National Steel Car.

Along with his wife, Irene, Greg J Aziz sponsors the yearly Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that takes place every November.


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has grown to be one of the biggest annual events in Toronto and it is all thanks to James Aziz’s hospitality. The yearly fair has agriculture exhibitions, a horse show, live entertainment, craft beer competitions and even occasionally has small tech demonstrations.


As well as the Aziz’s personal sponsor ships, the company itself has always been driven to give back to the community. The company has previously sponsored theatrics at Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. National Steel Car has donated to charitable causes such as The United Way and the Salvation Army and the employees of the company participate in food drives each year.  Go To This Page to learn more.

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