Obsidian energy has been able to achieve an impressive daily production of 30,000 boe per day. This company is a medium sized one and is involved in the production of both oil and gas. Additionally, Obsidian Energy boasts an impressively well-balanced portfolio, which includes several top quality assets.

Obsidian Energy operates withing an industry that has seen a lot of big changes over the years, and it is continuing to evolve at a much faster pace than anyone could have foreseen. The company, however, is fully prepared to adapt to the industry’s changing conditions and find continued success. The organization is determined to produce strong results for many more years.

Accountability is a big theme within Obsidian Energy‘s management team, and its members vow to hold themselves accountable to many different people, including business partners, shareholders and people who reside within the surrounding communities that Obsidian Energy operates in.


How Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Became Obsidian Energy Ltd.

For years, this gas and oil producer was called Penn West Petroleum Ltd. However, there were a number of important within the organization that had an impact on almost every facet of how the company did business. In response to this, members of the organization’s management team and shareholders agreed that finding a new name to represent the new vision was the best course of action.

June 26, 2017 was the date on which Penn West Petroleum Ltd. officially became Obsidian Energy Ltd. With a new name and a new outlook on the future, Obsidian Energy is now a company that is stronger, more efficient, leaner and far more capable than it ever was in years past. Throughout the next handful of years, the organization’s biggest goal is to achieve some modest growth. Go To This Page to learn more.

Many people are anxiously waiting to see what direction Obsidian Energy’s CEO, David L. French, takes the organization into the future.


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