Securus Technologies is a renowned company that provides prison technology services. The principal goal of the company is to provide advanced technology that is fundamental in the transforming the prisons in various parts of the world. The company is based in Dallas. Securus Technologies has expanded its operations to over forty states. The company employs about 1000 people. The staff is well trained in technological services in various prisons.

Securus Technologies enabled 2,600 prisons to access the technology that improves the prison services. The company has invested over $600 million provide technological services in various prisons. The company has also obtained patents for all the equipment that it’s using. The prisons have been provided with a platform where they communicate with their family members or friends.

. Securus Technologies has built strong teamwork that guarantees effective service provision in the company. The services are organized and coordinated well in the company. The staff members have been equipped with the necessary resources to execute the service. The competent team is encouraged to provide high-quality services to the clients. Securus Technologies has made it easy for other departments in the country to carry out their work. The departments benefit directly from the technology that has been developed by the of the institutions that have benefited from Securus Technologies is the law enforcement department. Securus Technologies has enabled the institution to track the communication of the prisoners .the technology has enhanced peace maintenance in the country.

Securus Technologies is at the forefront in replacing the outdated technology with new technology equipment in the market. The company has conducted extensive research on the available technologies in the market. One of the achievements in the replacement of cell phones with Wireless Containment Solution. The introduction of the technology has enhanced the communication of the prisoners. Cell phones were ineffective for communication in the prisons. The use of Wireless Containment Solution has improved is the best technology that ensures that the prisoners communicate effectively with their relatives. The technology that was developed by the company has improved security in the country .the drug peddlers have been contained through the use of the technology. The company has also boosted the efforts of a criminal investigation. Criminal activities have been reduced since criminals are tracked using the technology.

Securus technology has been seconded by many organizations due to the excellent service that they provide. The company has employed the technology to solve the problems that were being faced in the society. The security has been beefed up due to the development of the technology suitable for the correctional facilities. Securus technology has proved their competence in improving the services in prisons .the development of Wireless Containment Solution is one of the excellent contribution of Securus technology towards the improvement of prison commutation.


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