Drew Madden’s Professional Profile

Drew Madden is an IT entrepreneur whose interests are on healthcare technology. Drew Madden is known for his passion for developing highly efficient work teams and emphasizing on the need for a unique and acceptable company culture focused on developing trusted client partnerships.


Drew’s professional career has seen him work with leading companies. His career in healthcare IT began at Cerner Corporation before moving to Ingenix, which was a subsidiary of United Healthcare Company. He worked with Nordic Consulting Partners since 2010 t0 2016 during which time he served as the organization’s president from 2011 to 2016. While working at Nordic, he steered the company to success and helped it receive numerous KLAS awards.


The Current State of Healthcare Technology

Drew believes that the two recent developments in healthcare IT sector will define the future of technology in healthcare. The first development that could define technology in healthcare is the revelation that CVS Health was determined to purchase the healthcare insurance firm Aetna. Drew believes that the decision by CVS to venture into healthcare insurance could be a move to cushion itself against stiff competition. This is because managers at CVS have analyzed the developments within the pharmaceutical sub-sector and identified future business barriers.


Another development that Drew believes could define the use of technology in healthcare service industry is the revelation that Amazon was launching an online pharmacy. This follows reports that Amazon Company had successfully acquired pharmacy operational licenses in different states. Although further scrutiny of the licenses revealed that Amazon acquired licenses for the distribution of healthcare related equipment, many industry observers believe that it is a matter of days before they can acquire licenses related to prescription medications. Go To This Page to learn more.


After analyzing the two major developments in the US healthcare sector, Drew identifies them as efforts by companies to own the healthcare service consumers. Amazon is already the store that makes everything available to shoppers. Adding pharmaceuticals into their menu could further cement its position as a store that contains every item. If CVS Health successfully acquires Aetna, it will be able to cement its position as a one-stop shop for healthcare services. This will eventually give the companies control over the consumers of their services.


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