Gregory James Aziz is a visionary Canadian entrepreneur who has, since 1994, served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hamilton, Ontario’s railcar manufacturing giant National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz acquired control of the railroad industry giant after a career that saw him work in various industries ranging from the food business to the investment banking industry of New York City. The company started out as Imperial Steel Car back in 1912. More than 100 years later it is a world leader in the field of innovative railcar design.


James Aziz is at the forefront of National Steel Car’s continuous drive for innovation. The powerhouse company produces in excess of 12,500 railcars annually.


From His Early Life to the Acquisition of National Steel Car:

1Born in London, Ontario in 1949, Greg Aziz was business-minded from an early age, coming from a family of entrepreneurs. After a course of college studies in economics at Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, he joined in with the family food business Affiliated Foods. After this chapter of his life, Greg set out to make his own mark working in the fast-paced environment of the investment banking sector of New York. In 1994, he had the opportunity to acquire the legendary brand National Steel Car and he jumped at the chance. He entered into this business venture confident that he could bring a rejuvenation back to the railcar giant and make it the unquestioned world leader in innovation.


Growing the Business:

Greg Aziz immediately recognized that National Steel Car’s strength as a company was its outstanding core of engineers. He knew that with the right leadership these engineers could be motivated to design the best and most innovative railcars in the industry. Greg also recognized that with the peak of innovation in railcar production, what would follow would be a demand from the railroad industry that would require increased production. To deal with this issue, Greg increased National Steel Car’s workforce by six-fold, going from 500 employees in 1994 to 3000. The increased employee base was what National Steel Car needed in order to increase its production to the impressive totals that the firm puts out today. Go To This Page for more information.


Greg Aziz Believes Its All About National Steel Car’s People:

Greg’s reputation as a grateful employer is well established. It is this quality above all else that has led him to such massive entrepreneurial success. He truly cares about and respects his employees and considers them to be his company’s cornerstone. Greg never fails to let his people know how proud he is of them and of what they have accomplished as a team. This has led National Steel Car to today be more successful than it has ever been before in its long and storied history.



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