National Steel Car is one of North America’s largest railway manufacturers. They are a prestigious Corporation that customers have highly respected for just over 10 decades. Their current chief executive officer is Gregory James Aziz and he is widely respected by the executives on the board. That is why he was promoted to the chairman of the board soon after taking over as CEO.


Greg James Aziz has done well by National Steel Car which has been in business for over 100 years. One of his greatest strengths is securing valuable allies in the business world that will continue to do business with them for the long term.


One of those businesses is Canpotex which is one of Canada’s largest producers of potash. In order to transport the goods from coast-to-coast they needed to invest in railcars. The initial investment was $70 million. Since 1999, they have purchased over 7000 railcars from National Steel Car for a total price of $500 million.


These railcars are custom-designed to transport large quantities of potash from Saskatchewan to the rest of the country. The innovative design of these railcars allows them to optimize a number of tons per railcar and thus maximize the quantity of railcars attached to each train. By using the railcars in this manner, they have been able to increase training efficiency. This means that we see greenhouse emissions reduced by 90%. The best part is that the railcars capacities are enhanced within respective rail corridors. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Greg Aziz made National Steel Car even more prominent by solidifying a strong vision. He wanted the company to return back to their core values. Greg Aziz knows that they are trusted by customers to build railcars of the highest quality. This is not a one and done thing. They produce these railcars as high quality every single time.


Greg James Aziz helped National Steel Car achieve this feat by constantly pursuing excellence. They listen to the voice of their customer and adopted their business strategy appropriately. They cannot rest on the achievements of the past must push forward in order to create railcars that are able to stand on their own during this new century.


Gregory James Aziz consistently builds relationships with customers and suppliers. These relationships make all three entities profit. He also consistently thinks his work team which is known for their integrity and quality control for the company.

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