In the world of fashion and modeling, Brown Agency has established itself as one of the major players in that field. Having been in the market for close to ten years, Brown Agency has made tremendous progress, not only by rocking the industry with quality in their services but also in creating employment and empowering talent. Their ability to juggle between several fields under one agency is just outstanding. With their pool of about a hundred employees, Brown Agency has gained ground in the media platform, majorly focusing on film, commercial, television, fashion, and print. By setting big market standards, Brown Agency have placed their talented models in eye-catching positions in the market. They have comfortably placed their models on magazine covers. In other instances, the agency has also landed its models in advertisements and television commercials which they regularly book.


Since its establishment in Central Texas, Brown Agency has nurtured young talented models to become the top Texas models. Consequently, this has caught the eye of big players in other industries who have sought to work with Brown Agency’s models. To mention just but a few, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, L’OrĂ©al, and Dell, are thousands of other big fishes in the market. Since being founded, Brown Agency’s fashion models have graced the runways for several fashion weeks, including Dallas Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week and numerous other shows. Justin Brown, who is the President of Brown Agency often says, that the agency is as good as their talent. The pride of the agency lies in selecting the best of the young talent around, training and building their confidence. This develops the models, placing them on a higher market level. It is only fair to say that the agency fully dedicates its time and efforts in delivering the most talented, professional, and dependable and of course, the most beautiful models that Central Texas can offer. To see more you can checkout




Formerly Wilhelmina Austin, the company re-launched as Brown Agency after acquiring Heyman Talent-South. Being the two of Texas’ biggest talent recruitment agencies, combining their strengths leverages the unique capabilities of both parties. This has surely made Brown Agency the only full-service company in Austin, placing itself among the few in Texas. Under the leadership of Justin Brown, The Brown Agency has undergone massive growth having been launched as Wilhelmina Austin in 2010. Since then onwards, it has evolved to become a highly respected agency in Central Texas for specializing in recruiting and developing modeling talent. Its latest acquisition, Heyman Talent-South, has over the years been one of the most successful agencies in spotting and recruiting acting in Austin. The acquisition of Heyman Talent-South now presents clients in the marker a wider collection of polished talent in the region, which will certainly catapult The Brown Agency further ahead.




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