Last month, in April 2018, Madison Street Capital completed a deal in which the business was hired to provide advising and other consultation services to Professional Pipe, Inc., of North Carolina for its restructuring and purchasing of controlling interest as pursued by KJM Capital, LLC.


The deal was closed for a sum of money not yet disclosed to the public.


Background information about Chicago’s Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is packed to the brim with high-powered financial services industry veterans, including Senior Managing Director Jay Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer Charles Botchway, and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala.


The international financial institution was founded in 2005 by a group of well-seasoned investors and bankers alike from across the United States. They came together on Chicago, Illinois, as a suitable metropolitan location for the business with tons of economic activity. Chicago also served as a solid home for the investment bank’s headquarters because it is relatively close to major cities in the United States. Even though it might be far from Miami or Los Angeles, a company housed in New York City or Portland, for example, would be even farther away from the two aforementioned locations that are rife with high-dollar business transactions.


Madison Street Capital engages in just about all services that other financial institutions specializing in maintaining the portfolios of some of the largest companies across the nation, plus a few. The company operates in true concordance with the stringent, tough regulations set out by the FINRA, or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, offering services such as placing debt investments in the right companies, evaluating the potential solvency of businesses that its institutional clients are considering purchasing, giving fair judgements related to the fairness of business transactions and what terms and conditions modifications could make them more fair, raising capital, private company valuations, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions transaction oversight.


With such an impressive list of services offered, all of which have been completely mastered by the hundreds-deep roster that Madison Street Capital puts to work, Madison Street Capital was unarguably the most appropriate fit for the transaction between Professional Pipe, Inc, and KJM Capital, LLC.


What does Professional Pipe stand for?


Founded in the North Carolinian Appalachian Mountain range foothills back in 1972, Professional Pipe started its commercial career as an installer of pipes and plumbing for companies in the textile industry. Today, Professional Pipe does the vast majority of its plumbing and other pipe-related works for companies in the food and refrigeration industries.


About KJM Capital


Slightly longer than a decade ago, Kenneth J. Meister founded KJM Capital from scratch by himself. The company seeks out companies that are looking to sell controlling interests in their ownership, which are purchased by financing raised from private investors across the southeastern United States.


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