1After a century of commitment to quality and excellence, National Steel Car continues to serve the people of North America as the leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz as the chairman, president and CEO of the company, National Steel Car has earned respect as one of the largest and leading companies in the field of engineering and manufacturing. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Gregory J Aziz has kept the fire of the company burning, having been founded over a hundred years ago. Greg James Aziz has surely impacted his home ground positively by preserving the good name of the highly rated National Steel Car Company in the North America region.


Greg Aziz, as he is commonly known, pursued an Economics degree in the University of Western Ontario. Born in Ontario in 1949, Aziz attended college at Ridley College and afterward majoring in economics in the University of Western Ontario. At a young age of twenty-two, Greg decides to business through his family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. This company supplied fresh foods from parts of America and Europe to major fresh foods markets across the US and Eastern Canada. Later on, in the 80s and early 90s, Greg Aziz decided to switch tabs and venture into a different field altogether. It is in New York where he worked on investment banking opportunities, through which he was able to purchase National Steel Car Company from Dofasco in the year 1994.


Since its purchase, Greg Aziz’s had only one goal in mind: transform National Steel Car into a leading railroad freight car manufacturer and return the lost glory of the Canadian company. He started his big dream by building a strong emphasis on engineering capabilities, instilling a team spirit among his employees and putting in both capital and human investment. All these factors combined resulted in an increased manufacturing capability from 3,500 units to 12,000 units in roughly five years. It is due to this fact that Greg Aziz is viewed as an industrial reformist. In this period, employment grew upwards by a factor of five. View Related Info Here.


Greg Aziz states that national Steel Car has its heart in Hamilton, a dedication that is supported by its sponsorship of the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and other local charities. Greg, together with his wife also sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is a prominent agricultural fair in Canada. Greg Aziz is most definitely an inspiration to young managers through his achievements at National Steel Car.


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