Robert Deignan is a reputable business leader and entrepreneur. He was among the experts who established the ATS Digital Services. Robert hard work and commitment have allowed him to serve in executive positions in firms like ATS Digital Services, Fanlink, Inc. and iS3 Company.


Mr. Robert Deignan participated in starting Fanlink, Inc. in 1998. The co-founder left the Fort Lauderdale Company in 2001. In 2002, Robert became the executive vice president of iS3 Company. It is evident that Robert Deignan is a skillful person from the two positions. He demonstrates excellent managerial traits in both companies and uses knowledge acquired to run ATS Digital Services.


Robert Deignan is a risk-taker. The renowned entrepreneur was part of professionals who founded the tech company. He is conversant with e-commerce concepts and technology industry. Previous experience in business enables Robert to mobilize resources and ensure ATS Digital Services make profits.

Mr. Robert most significant achievement at ATS Digital Services was guiding it through the AppEsteem Corporation certification. The outlet was the first company to receive the accreditation. Robert is proficient in search engine optimization and marketing. He integrates his startups, e-commerce, and SEO skills when bringing new ideas to the information technology sector. Robert has introduced solutions to aid clients experiencing problems with their computers and network services.

Personal Life

Robert Deignan moved to Miami to run ATS Digital Services. He is passionate about nature and enjoys fishing. The great entrepreneur is also a member of a recognized fishing group known as Team Liquid. He was among the contestants who participate in Silver Sailfish tournaments. The team has won various awards, and this indicates that Robert is a leader in many fields. Relocating to Miami shows that Robert Deignan values his work and is ready to sacrifice his personal life for the sake of a company. At ATS Digital Services, Robert collaborates with other producers to share hardware like tablets and computers.


Robert Deignan studied at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He joined Purdue University for a degree in Business Management in 1995. Robert started practicing his entrepreneurial skills right after completing his undergraduate studies.

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