Born in 1959, Michael Lacey is a mathematician in the United States. In 1987, Michael received a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois under the supervision of Walter Philipp. In those days, his thesis was based on iterated logarithm and also in Banach spaces probability. Over the years, Lacey’s work has made contributions in probability areas, harmonic analysis and also in the theory of ergodic.


He first landed his job after the doctoral achievement at the University of North Carolina and Louisiana State University. It is at the University of North Carolina where Michael and Walter Philipp came to prove the central limit theorem. For seven years from 1989, he also worked at Indiana University. During his time in the Indiana University, he was able to receive a postdoctoral fellowship for National Science Foundation. In the year 1996, he received a Salem prize for the achievements that he made during the fellowship period.


In the end of 1996 after his work at Indiana University, Michael Lacey then decided to join Georgia Institute of technology where he has been a mathematics professor for a long time. His researchers have been acknowledged and celebrated in several major awards such as Simons Foundations, Guggenheim Fellowship Awards including others. The American Mathematical Society in 2012 named Lacey to be among its fellows.


Lacey has also had the opportunity to serve as a director for several training scholarships such as the MCTP, VIGRE and many others which offer support to many students. The support goes to all including undergraduates, graduates and also the postdoctoral. The advice that he gives to his undergraduate students has led them to become leaders in academic programs. When it comes to the Ph.D. students, most of them after passing through him have landed jobs in major industries and also in the academic fields not forgetting his mentorship on several postdocs.


There is no doubt that Michael Lacey has made a lot of contributions in the mathematical field over the last decades. Through his mentorship, Lacey has greatly assisted a lot of students who have seen the light in academics and other related fields for years.

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