Supporters of NPR piece stated that the NPR piece did not give accurate information about the network because it focused on challenges. Richard Whitmire argued that Rocketship charters should not be compared to neighborhood schools. The piece written by Anya Kamenetz reports various problems at Rocketship network. However, the problem is that Anya relies on information reported by other people about challenges at the network. Kamenetz adds that the problematic practices at Rocketship networks are faced by other charter networks.

When Rocketship was founded, it adopted a tech-heavy model. Later on, the model was changed to lower expansion goals. This change has been a topic of concern in the recent past. Kamenetz defended the approach to the issue by saying that the report quoted happy parents and those that were unhappy. Another controversial thing about the piece written by Kamenetz is describing Rocketship as a company. The choice of words is not appropriate because they depict Rocketship as commercial-oriented which is not the case. Kamenetz defended the use of ‘company’ to describe Rocketship by saying that it was purposely done to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

Rocketship Public Schools refers to a non-profit organization based out of Redwood City California. Danner John and Preston Smith founded Rocketship in 2006. The first school opened by the organization was located in San Jose, California. The school offered learning opportunities for low-income students. Within a short time, after it started operating, it earned praise for the impeccable performance. Rocketship then opened other six charter schools in different parts of San Jose within five years. In January 2013, the leadership of the organization was restructured. Smith became the chief executive officer while Danner left Rocketship.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization that serves low-income families that cannot afford excellent schools. The organization aims at ensuring that underserved communities in the United States are able to take their children to well-performing schools. Rocketship makes use of technology and offers personalized learning to ensure individual needs of students are served. Parents are also engaged in the learning process to ensure that they understand the needs of their children. Rocketship education works closely with other charter schools, districts, and community organizations.

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