National Steel Car is perhaps one of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies and has earned the honor of being recognized, not only in Canada, but also around the world as well for its use of innovation to design and manufacture their railway freight and tank cars. But who is the person behind this leading company? CEO Gregory James Aziz, also known as just Greg Aziz, is also the President and Chairman of his company.


Greg did not enter his career in the Railroad industry, but instead majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. However, by the early 1990s, he had been successful in several investment opportunities and didn’t pass up the opportunity when National Steel Car came his way.


In 1994, Dofasco sold National Steel Car to Gregory J Aziz who proved more than capable of running this company. Within the decade, he was able to take National Steel Car from manufacturing around 3,500 cars a year to being able to manufacture over 12,000 cars a year. The employment number was also almost 5 times higher than it was when he acquired the company.


Over the years, National Steel Car has been able to take that one step further and as mentioned above, has become the leader in innovation in it’s industry. This is a great accomplishment for a company who began manufacturing their freight cars more than 100 years ago. To be able to not only stay true to the times, but also to be able to be a front runner in innovation is the reason why National Steel Car has seen much growth and success over it’s long lifespan.

One of the main reasons they have been able to experience this success and growth over the long haul is due to their commitment to their employees and customers. The company strives to treat it’s employees fairly and shows excellence in customer services to it’s clients. A company that built their foundation on strong values and more than 100 years later is still holding true to manufacturing under those strong values is a company who is going to continue to be a leader in their industry for many years to come. Get Additional Information Here.




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