People are faced with a lot of issues in society. One of the issues that people are faced with is poverty. It is not just individuals that are impoverished. Whole families are living in poverty with children feeling very helpless. There are also plenty of other issues that people are having to deal with. Many people are looking for some kind of answer. One of the common answers give is that the government has to step up and give more resources to people. However, Betsy DeVos, who is very passionate about healing the community through education, has a different answer.


One thing that Betsy DeVos and Dick DeVos has said is that having a bigger government is not the answer. One thing that she said is that the answer to these issues in communities is giving them local control. One thing she does state that is very important is listening to parents and allowing them to have a voice so that they can have a greater influence in their communities. At the same time, some parents are going to have to step up and show that they are willing to say something and do something to make sure that their children are getting the best care.


One of the ways that Betsy DeVos is listening to the parents is by allowing them to have the choice of taking their children to better schools. One of the reasons that this is important because schools in torn down communities can subject children to tons of issues. One thing that parents are concerned about are bad influences. Of course parents are also worried about the safety of their children when they are at school.


One thing that Betsy and Dick DeVos has done in order to enable schools to take in more students is offer more funding. Many schools that are tuition fee are given an allowance by the state. Betsy and Dick have increased the amount of money that schools have gotten so that they will be able to take in more students and improve the type of education they can give students.


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