Roseann Bennett pursued her master’s degree in psychological studies at Seton Hall University. Bennett went on to pursue education degree in family and marriage therapy in the same university and graduated in 2000. She was done with her approved supervision fundamental course in 2007 from Seton Hall University. Currently, Roseann Bennett is certified as a professional in clinical trauma.


Bennett is a family therapist with more than ten years working in the same field. She has worked with many individuals helping them solve challenges in their lives. As a family therapist, Bennett was the custodian of the individual, case management, marital and family therapy and crisis management. She was closely in touch with adolescents and their intimates around New Jersey. Her actions confirm that Bennett is a compassionate therapist, future-oriented and effective leader.


Roseann Bennett reinforced the establishment of Center for Assessment and Treatment (CAT) in 2009. The foundation is a nonprofit agency, which has helped many people to overcome struggles in life both externally and internally. CAT is committed to advocating and treating families and individuals of different background mostly the persons disenfranchised in the community. The organization provides quality health and mental services at a low cost. Bennett is the director of the organization. Bennett directs, evaluates and supervises the employees, interns and those aiming to licensure and provides chances to train students. Go Here for more information. Visit This Page for more information.


Due to her determination and success, Bennett is known as Wall Street Journal Woman of Note (NJAMFT). She is the president of the NJAMFT, adjunct professor at Seton Hall University and Centenary University. Bennett has published lots of articles that are creating awareness of mental health. She did this to support the affected individuals. One of the articles is about depression that has not been treated and how it works in divorce.


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