Gregory James Aziz is not only the Chief Executive Officer of the National Steel Car Company, but he is the heart and soul of the company. Along with being the president and chairman of the National Steel Car Company, James Aziz is also its savior. Prior to Mr. Aziz’s joining of the National Steel Car Company, the company was on quite a decline, but with his joining a reversal of epic proportions took place.

Upon joining the National Steel Car Company, Gregory J Aziz quickly made his presence felt by orchestrating the purchase of the company for the purpose of performing a makeover on the company to remedy its declining business. Through Greg Aziz’s efforts of raising capital, hiring qualified employees, and his superb leadership skills, the National Steel Car Company was able to undergo quieter quite a transformation from the time when he first took charge of the company.

James Aziz single-handedly raise the National Steel Car Company to the status of being one of the best railroad freight manufacturers in North America as evidenced by the 13 consecutive TTX SECO awards conferred upon company while it was under the guidance and direction of Mr. Aziz.

Gregory James Aziz’s departure from his mother’s womb occurred on April 30th, 1949 in the city of London located in Ontario, Canada. The educational institutions that James Aziz attended after High School includes the Riley College and the University of Western. After completion of his post-secondary education. Gregory James Aziz became involved in Affiliated Foods, the wholesale fresh food business run by his family.

Bolstered by Gregory presence, talents, and education, Affiliated Foods began to increase in size and scope its business to encompass the importation of food from various parts of the world and then exporting them to America for a nice profit. However, Gregory’s term of employment at Affiliated Foods only lasted several years because in the late 1980s he was struck with the fancy to become involved in investment banking in New York. Learn More about Aziz on:

Gregory James Aziz’s interest in New York investment banking also lasted only several years as he ascertained a job with the National Steel Car Company back in Hamilton Ontario. Go To This Page for additional information.



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