Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis may not be household names just yet. But the business that the industrious couple founded back in 2009, Jeunesse Global, is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the global health and beauty industry. Today, the company that was founded out of the couple’s Florida garage is now worth more than $1 billion. Jeunesse Global currently counts more than 10,000 distributors among its ranks, selling products to millions of customers across the globe. The company has operations in dozens of countries and is rapidly expanding to dozens more.

And all this was started for the simple reason that Ray and Lewis needed something to do during their boring days of retirement. Just a few weeks after having retired for the first time in their lives, Ray and Lewis were already selling products out of the garage of their Florida home. This was the incubation period for what would eventually become one of the most important global brands in health and cosmetics.

Soon, Ray and Lewis found themselves spending up to 70 hours per week nursing their fledgling enterprise into a mature company that could not only stand on its own legs but that could easily spar with its closest competitors. The company focused on finding unserved market niches that had gone largely unaddressed by the largest players in the business. Once those niches had been identified, Ray and Lewis used their extensive industry contacts to quickly develop some of the most effective products that the industry had ever seen, winning over the hearts and minds of customers by the thousands.

One example of the caliber of product that Jeunesse Global has been able to quickly develop is its deep cleansing micro-créme known as Instantly Ageless. Instantly Ageless is an excellent facial cleanser by itself. When compared with some of the leading brands in the sector, Instantly Ageless performs admirably, beating most of its closest competitors on many different performance measures. And like so many Jeunesse Global products, Instantly Ageless is offered at a very reasonable price, making it highly affordable for many people across the globe.


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