If you have ever invested in real estate you know that it takes a level of commitment to build a portfolio that has the ability to make money. Nick Vertucci is that guy that can help people that are trying to build a successful real estate portfolio.

He knows how to do it because he has already had the experience in doing it before. Nick has given himself a lot of time to build up his credentials as a successful real estate investor. This has all allowed him to go through the trial and error that comes with investing. People that have seen what he has done in this industry can truly say that he is someone that knows real estate well.

Nick Vertucci is an author, and the book that he wrote about his life is a clear indication that he is the type of person that can relate to the struggle of other people. He has proven himself to be a very independent person that has been able to make a comeback even after losing everything.

Nick Vertucci has worked as a police officer before. He has also worked in the computer and technology industry. All of these things were areas where he was able to make money, but these would all be paths to a place in life where he still found himself in debt. It appears that it has only been through his real estate that he has found financial freedom.

He is a person that has worked traditional jobs and still found himself in debt. Real estate appears to be the only method for someone like Nick Vertucci to maximize his income and get himself out of debt. He found ways to invest in a multitude of properties and create a whole new life for himself.

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