Richard Liu Qiangdong started out life like a lot of people. He went to a good college (Renmin University), got his master’s degree (at the China Europe International Business School), and landed a nice managerial job (at Japan Life). Richard Liu Qiangdong always wanted more out of life and was not comfortable just sitting back and letting life pass him by. In college in his spare time, he would work on computer programming. At Japan Life, he would open a magneto-optical shop on the side which grew to 12 locations.


Thankfully for Richard Liu, everything worked out just fine for him during the SARS epidemic. While most people were afraid to shop and work in person due to catching the virus, Richard took his store online to purchase goods at While today his store can deliver goods to residents of Beijing in less than 3 hours, back then it would take days. started out selling magneto-optical parts, but his girlfriend quickly had a say and started selling fashion items alongside. Year after year they added a category of goods to sell, and before long the word of mouth had spread in Beijing’s city of 21 million people (and the rest of the world) about this website with the short URL. Read This Article for more information.


Now, Richard Liu Qiangdong has a personal net worth of eleven billion dollars after listing his company on the Nasdaq stock market. His first investor, WeChat owner TenCent, invested $215 million dollars into Richard Liu for a 15% ownership of Jingdong. Surely TenCent is pleased with their investment, as it has grown around fifty times the initial amount. And being pleased with JD’s success as well, Walmart has invested a 12% stake into’s stock. All of this started with following Liu’s dream by providing value to the world.


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