Let’s face it—some days, there’s no time for a multi-faceted hair care regimen to maintain healthy, lustrous locks—you just have to get out the door. Recognizing the demands of women’s busy lives, famed Hollywood stylist and product developer Chaz Dean met the challenge. His innovative hair care brand Wen® by Chaz offers the solution to help you look and feel your best, even when you’re in a rush.


One time-saving essential is Wen® Cleansing Conditioner; it does the job of five hair care products. That’s right; one product does it all—cleansing, conditioning, deep conditioning, detangling, and leave-in conditioning.


The only things you’ll give up are chemical toxins prevalent in many other hair care brands. That’s right, Wen products contain no harmful ingredients. Instead, Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner’s enticing aroma is a Sweet Almond Mint that also harnesses more power from nature’s bio-extracts. These simple ingredients include calming chamomile, conditioning wild cherry bark, and invigorating rosemary. It’s formulated in a gentle base of glycerin and FDA-approved Panthenol, commonly used by the health conscious hair care industry.


It’s a common misconception that shampoo needs to be sudsy to get your hair clean. WEN products do not lather due to the lack of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). That’s good news since SLS is a known carcinogen, organ and neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, and skin irritant. Ironically, SLS has also been linked to hair loss so it’s alarming that it’s still used in many hair and body care products. So, read those product labels.


Women with all hair types and across all ethnicities swear by Wen for repairing and rejuvenating their hair. Expect fabulous shine, better body, improved strength, hydration, manageability—oh, and better color care too. Maybe you’ll use it just when you’re in a time crunch but it is gentle enough for daily use. Now that you can derive all the benefits from one product—what’s not to love?


So come on, join Hollywood A-listers, runway models, Instagram influencers, Chaz’s clientele and brand loyalists who trust their hair health to Wen. Choose hair care you can feel good about both inside and out. Wen products are available online on eBay as well as on beauty stores nationwide. Use the coupon codes from retailmenot.com to save a couple bucks. Try Wen today!

Visit the official website at wenhaircare.com.

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