The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God has written a new book and has a new show debuting in November 2018. This new book is called “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me”. In “Shook One” Charlamagne shares his struggles with mental health issues and how he used his fears to give him drive in his career.


Charlamagne also offers practical advice and tips in dealing with mental health problems, but he doesn’t assume that the methods that have worked for him will work for everyone. Overall the aim of the book is to help people suffering from mental health issues confront their issues in a positive or helpful way. In addition to the book “Shook One”, Charlamagne has a new show that will confront dealing with mental health issues as well.


The VH1 show is made up of four interview specials with Dr. Jessica Clemons, psychiatrist and host of “Ask Dr. Jess”, who teams up with Charlamagne Tha God in providing an outlet for guests to share their problems or struggles. Viewers can actually take part in the sessions on social media. Through this new book, the show, and not shying away from talking about mental illness, Charlamagne hopes to help people dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. Read This Article for more information.


Growing up Charlamagne Tha God most likely did shy away or suppress his mental health issues as he was encouraged by his father to follow a traditional ideal of masculinity in which men should not show weakness or need to talk about their feelings. Along with dealing with anxiety on his own, Charlamagne broke the law and spent some time in jail as a teen. After time spent in jail, Charlamagne Tha God decided to change the way his life was going. He began to attend night school, earned a radio internship, and took advantage of opportunities to work with Wendy Williams, MTV2, and MTV which launched his career.





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