Vinod “Vin” Gupta has been building and investing in tech and database companies ever since he founded his first one, InfoUSA. Today, most of the investments he makes are in disruptive digital data companies at his firm, the Everest Group.

But though his current goals are much different than his past approach to business was, the Ideamensch entrepreneur publication found his Business Ideas very useful and interviewed him.

Vin Gupta said that while entrepreneurs need to take risks on products they put out, they really need to do extensive market tests before they put them out. Vin Gupta also mentioned that he learned personally that sometimes when your company buys out another one, retaining and finding new roles for current management and employees is actually better for growth than trying to revamp the company. Most importantly, he said business owners should keep a close eye on potential investments so that they don’t lose track of their risk threshold and invest wisely.

Vin Gupta is Indian-American and his story begins in a remote village a few miles north of Delhi, and goes through his time as a student at the Indian Institute of Technology and then to the University of Nebraska. His first database company was built off of information he gathered in yellow page phone books and basic hand cards, but then it became a computerized operation. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The company was named InfoUSA in the 1990s and then expanded into locations across the US and even overseas. Gupta would exit this company prior to starting the Everest Group, but he has been an active philanthropist for a long time, and the bulk of his charity has gone to starting new schools and even universities. He’s also given support funds back to the village he was born in and has helped turn it into a thriving town.


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