Vijay Eswaran is popularly known for his entrepreneurial skills and he’s also a motivational speaker as well as a philanthropist. Being the Co-Founder and the executive chairman of the QI Group of Companies that is involved in multiple fields in the market including real estate, direct selling, hospitality, retail and education in multiple countries. He is not only known for being a professional economist but also as an author of “In the Sphere of Silent,” which is the best-selling book. He has six books in total. He has also received several awards and honours for his accomplishments and achievements in the business world.

Personal Background

Vijay Eswaran started off in corporate America before he decided to move back to his roots in Asia. In 1998, he establishes QI Group of Companies in Malaysia, which has continuously grown globally. He was born to a Malaysian family of Indian origin. He was born on October 7th 1960 in Penang. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in socioeconomics from London School of Economics. He worked as a cab driver to finance his tertiary education.

QI Group Ventures

QI Group of companies mainly focuses on providing solutions to enterprises that power entrepreneurship so as to enhance urban lifestyle and improve the education sector. The group of companies is currently expanding in the global market and venturing in interrelated products and services. The Group is also involved in various corporate social responsibilities globally including the Vijayaratnam Foundation that was established by Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran in 2005. His wife Umayal Eswaran, is the chairman of Vijayaratnam Foundation.

Vijay believes that the world doesn’t change but instead, it changes with people, thus, the more one changes the more the world changes. The Group of companies is built on Mahatma Gandhi’s saying “Be the change you want to see“. He’s guided by three A’s mantra, which is Adapt, Adjust, and Accommodate.

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