Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of, the biggest online retailer in China. Richard Liu started the company after trying out different businesses. Richard’s first business was a restaurant in Beijing which was shut down after some time. However, he didn’t give up in his quest to be the best entrepreneur. He again started a magneto-optical product shop, Jingdong in 1998. In a recent interview, Richard Liu confessed that name was coined from his name and his then girlfriend’s name. Jingdong became hugely successful, and in only five years he had opened 12 stores spread across China.

But in 2003, came the SARS outbreak that caused a lot of businesses to be shut down in China. Richard Liu decided to close the 12 branches and focus on retailing his products online. This was the first time Richard was getting into e-commerce, and therefore he experienced some new challenges. At that time nobody would have thought that people will rely on online platforms to make orders anywhere anytime. Fast forward, has grown to be a household name in China’s e-commerce industry. Currently, it is worth more than $37 billion in revenue as per the 2016’s financial report. Find Additional Information Here.

Sustainability Efforts has been on the forefront in advocating for a sustainable e-commerce environment amongst retailers in China. They are flexible and have adjusted to the global call of reducing global warming caused by the burning of non-biodegradable products. The company’s packaging bags are made out of reusable and recyclable materials. They encourage their customers to return them after delivery so that they can be put for reuse or recycling. Moreover, some of their packaging bags are made from biodegradable materials that have no harm on the environment. Richard Liu has a team of innovative personnel who guide towards a sustainable green e-commerce environment.

Richard Liu’s company, agreed with WeChat group that will see it be advertised on WeChat’s social network platform.

Currently, there are talks between and other international bigwigs that will enhance their global exploration efforts. The success witnessed by can only be attributed to Richard’s aggressiveness and patience in pursuing his interest in e-commerce.


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