Lightspeed Venture Partners began in1999 to support businesses which are at early stages of their growth. They wanted to ensure the startups with a potential to grow can have a chance to thrive and compete with other established businesses. Some of the partners are highly successful, and they are passionate about helping these companies to achieve their missions. They are Ashley Lightspeed, Aaron Battalion, Alex Taussig, Chris Schaepe and Andrew Moley.

The relationship between Ashley Lightspeed and Lightspeed Ventures started when she was learning at Stanford GSB. She had worked at Bain before as a consultant. She also had the experience of working at Thumbtack where she was in the production team as the category manager. Although she was working, she felt she would do more to help startups. She is passionate about helping startups, and this is why she ended at Lightspeed Ventures. Read this article at to learn more.

One thing which has enabled her to work effectively in the business world is prototyping. It has been the best tool for her, and she has been using it in the corporate world. She started learning to prototype at an early age. Her father was an architect, and as a little girl, she accompanied him when she was working on his architectural projects. She aspired to be like her father, and she wanted to be an architect. She later realized she was interested in many industries and helping startups would be a fulfilling career for her.

At Ashley Lightspeed, her work is to find potential startups they can collaborate with and help them realize their goals. Apart from a highly talented entrepreneur, she is also passionate about what she does. She believes running a successful business is an art and it needs a lot of dedication and passion for it to become successful. Their company Lightspeed Ventures has helped more than 300 startups, and they are happy about the great work they have done.

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