Herbalife Nutrition has found many ways to give back through the years, and one of the charities that it has long been connected with is The American Red Cross. And one of the ways that it gives back to it is by donating its protein bars to blood drives. It gives over half a million dollars worth of products to blood drive centers across the United States. Its protein bars have a lot of the vitamins and nutrition that people need after giving blood, and the company donates them to say “thank you” to the ones who have generously donated.

Herbalife doesn’t just support the blood drives by donating products to them, but it also encourages everyone who is working for the company to consider giving blood. And, it has put on other campaigns to get more people to donate blood, including dropping some of the letters from its logo so that people would think about the various types of blood that need to be donated.

Herbalife has given back in many other ways beyond giving to The American Red Cross. One of the biggest sponsorships that it has made was to the IMPACT Basketball Center. It is in Las Vegas, and it has been named after Herbalife Nutrition because of the company’s large contribution. The company is glad to be there to help athletes as they go through vigorous training. The company wants to provide them with the nutrition that they need during that time. The IMPACT Basketball Center is a great place for basketball players of all ages and levels to come and play. It helps them develop new skills and become great athletes, and it also helps them to learn more about nutrition and how to take care of their bodies thanks to Herbalife Nutrition’s sponsorship.



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