There’s no doubt some people come into the world with the intention of making a difference. With her work founding the Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince certainly qualifies as one of those people.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation is a privately operated space that is designed to be shared by non-profit groups as well as individuals. The space is a graceful, beautifully designed open space that is accompanied by the River Building. The goal of The Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation is to encourage work towards social justice, peace, faith and fairness to all, with a nod towards appreciation of the arts, too.

The public space’s beautifully laid out design has been acknowledged with numerous architectural awards, including the AIA National 2017 Architecture Honor Award, as well as the Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Award, which celebrates work for Social Good. Grace Farms is run with a commitment to environmentally healthy values and a commitment to sustainability and earth-friendly values.

Working For Human Rights

A commitment towards human rights underpins much of the work done by Sharon Prince, and she has made a life-long commitment to bringing about social change. She has dedicated much of her life towards working to end the exploitation of children, human trafficking and violence directed towards women. The work she has done at the Grace Farms Foundation is an example of her dedication to these causes. In 2016 she co-hosted a meeting with the United Nations University called “Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict”, which led to the creation of a paper which was sent to the United Nations Security Council.

Working for social change is a major passion for Sharon Prince, and her dedication is definitely making change happen every day. Read This Article for related information.


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