Grace Farms Foundations started in 2009 with the aim of bettering lives through Arts, justice, nature, and community. Sharon Prince, the founder of Sharon Prince Grace Farms, steered its vision and goals into a thriving establishment that has scooped many awards. Awards were as a result of the contributions made by the organization in architectural and environmental sustainability.


Sharon Prince is passionate about human rights and has continuously created forums that have looked into the welfare of the people in different capacities. Sharon Prince has been actively involved in the fight against child and human trafficking, gender-based violence, and exploitation of children around the world.


Ms. Prince organization has worked for hand in hand with various non-governmental organizations to realize these goals. Among the top non-governmental organizations that have previously collaborated with Grace Farms Foundations is the United Nations (UN). Currently, the organization focuses on fighting Modern day slavery through initiating media campaigns globally. See Related Link for additional information.


In Recent events, Grace Farm Foundations announced its collaboration with Unchain and Georgia through a memorandum of understanding in a bid to promote transparency and standards in various work environments. The partnership will be useful in reducing modern-day slavery. Grace Farm Foundation will also partner with the Georgian Government and unchain to advance the goals set out in a bid to propel and create awareness around social scenes on the importance of transparency in supply chains. The two targeted industries are the technology industry and the food and agriculture industry.


Through the organizations, Prince is committed to developing partnerships and strategies that will help reduce or completely combat Gender-based violence and human trafficking. Grace Farms vision of promoting awareness on social platforms continues to be realized through the previous and current collaborations of the organization with other establishments that share a shared vision. These efforts are meant to bring about social change and accelerate social growth in peace and harmony.


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