Richard Liu is among the prominent billionaires in China; he has a net worth of more than $12 billion USSD which he has earned through hard work and determination as the CEO and chairman of Jingdong company.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a graduate from the China University where he studied Sociology based on his dream to join politics later he decided to join the business industry and studied EMBA from the international business School in China. While at the University Richard Liu ensured to enhance his programming skills which gave him the opportunity to join Japan healthcare serving as a director. After two years Richard Liu came back to China and decided to settle by purchasing land in Beijing where he started a small retail business selling magneto-optical products.


There was stiff completion in the market of computer products, but unlike other companies, Richard Liu sold only authorized products with no counterfeit; he earned the confidence of his customers hence the business expansion creating 12 stores. After six years there was the SARS outbreak which was infectious forcing people to remain indoors; the epidemic contributed to the loss in the offline businesses. Liu and one of the managers in Jingdong company founded platform giving people the opportunity to shop online. Get Related Information Here.


Led by Richard Liu, J.D is the largest retail business in China with more than 160,000 employees and more than 500 logistic centers offering fashion, luxury products, consumer goods and electronics. Richard Liu during an interview shared his dream is to be nothing less but number one in the e-commerce sector. He is passionate to expand his business across the globe; hence Richard Liu Qiangdong has set aside technology, logistics and other resources for the expansion.


In partnership with Walmart and WeChat companies also shareholders, J.D has experienced an increase in profits and the number of active users. Currently, the company has more than 100 million customers from various parts of the globe. Since J.D has robots and drones for the delivery, anyone with access to the internet from any part of the world can order goods, and they are communicated the time to expect delivery.




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