Flying Drones and Packages, Oh My. …

Imagine a scene of drones flying above your head with product packages that were just bought from These prospects are underway. As it happens, the work of Rakuten and positions drone deliveries as “the new age” for our society. The government regulations, set by Asian countries, is directing every step until the project is complete.

The standards of new regulations, covering public safety and reliability, push to consider help. Here’s where Rakuten Inc., comes into play. has already forwarded a drone program; it’s been in operation with success since 2015. We can track the program’s first flights, its tested weights and app automation.

Rakuten has done likewise with tested technology of its own. They call it the “Rakuten Drone”. Both developers collaborate to unveil something suitable for public use. Expect to see robots lowering JD’s average-delivery time. Traffic, terrain or difficult addresses no longer stand as obstacles in the way.

What is Rakuten?

This Tokyo-based brand provides e-commerce but with major differences from Rakuten holds the largest market share in Japan. It specializes in B2B2C and stands with no major competitors worldwide. Its many branches and subsidiaries give it a title for being “the Japanese Amazon.” Go Here to learn more

A Look at the Technology in Action

Here’s what the work of Rakuten and Jingdong achieves for the near future


Elevations: The ability for vertical flight makes elevation a non-issue in drone deliveries. The Asian continent spreads out with mountain ranges. What’s more important are the people living at these heights.

Uncharted Terrain

Uncharted Terrain: Forests threaten delivery systems when signals become weak and less roads are available. Delivery drones don’t use roads or signals once their coordinates are set.

Isolated Populations

Isolated Populations: Earth’s surface is no obstacle as drones fly above water to find islands and isolated land masses.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid: Society has always endured natural disasters, but it’s inspiring that technology can help us in times of need.


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