Parents always want to see their children grow in a hospitable environment, but when the extra effort into helping another child creeps in, some are not as willing enough to help. However, the Co-Founder of the NICE Global Outreach is quite the exception.

Herdsman has been involved with the organization’s daily operations actively striving to support the SOS Children’s Villages Organization, a non-profit organization that gives orphaned and abandoned children homes. The outreach is part of the NICE Global firm. Nice Global was set up to offer customer service support to businesses and companies. Paul’s idea was to set up the company at other countries like Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic but later talks with his father saw him set it up the firm in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Paul Herdsman’s birthplace. Refer to This Article to learn more.

The country’s infrastructure and power were sufficient to keep the company running. Its location to the location of the US was strategically beneficial to the company. Paul also used his entrepreneurial skills to realize that the country had several investment opportunities.

He saw the expansion of companies such as Xerox, and Teleperformance in Jamaica. The government of Jamaica through JAMPRO was crucial in the establishment of NICE Global. JAMPRO significantly helped NICE minimize some of the legal works it would have been required to undertake to set up shops such as licensing, work permits for ex-pats and banking.

The firm plans to expand its business and move some operations to Jamaica’s Kingston town. The current Chief Operating Officer Paul Herdsman is a loving, and passionate father who continues to inspire and support other children. Apart from being the COO of NICE Global, Paul Herdsman was previously involved with JM Family Enterprises in Business Development. He later joined iS3, Inc as the Business Development Director until he founded NICE in 2014. He is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University with an MIS in Business


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