Ryan Searest is a popular television host that has a dual role shared by daytime and primetime television appearances. He has been able to use his advice from mentor, Dick Clark. He understands how important it is to make television look simple and easy. In fact, as a distinguished television host, he has dominated television for over 10 years.

Today, he lives to spend quality time with his longtime girlfriend, exercise in between shows, and enjoy fine wine. His radio podcast, On Air with Ryan is also a very popular broadcast with over 20,000 listeners each week. Ryan tells the story of many famous celebrities.

Where To Catch Seacrest On Television

You can find Seacrest as executive producer of the E! broadcast series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There are over 7 million home viewers that tune into his broadcast each week. The show features famous reality television star Kim Kardashian. He’s proud to produce the popular television series.

You can also watch Seacrest on the prime time broadcast American Idol with distinguished television show host Simon Cowell as a producer. He has been able to introduce new talent to the music industry. The contestants go on to fight for the top spot on the show and end up A-list artists. You can also catch him on his popular podcast Live With Ryan. There are thousands of people that tune in to his popular broadcast each week. Ryan Seacrest has been able to get the word out about thousands of entertainers that have interesting stories to tell. You have the option of tuning in to his broadcast live or catching prerecorded episodes.

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