China’s powerhouse retailer is once again dipping its toes into the innovation pool.

In a recent’s blog, “Delivering the Future of Shopping”, showcases not only the innovations that enable China’s largest retailer to deliver to customers at staggering speeds all across China via its nationwide logistics network, but also features the latest retail technology, which JD is using to empower other partners, online or offline

The e-commerce giant is hosting a competition for Augmented Reality software developers called the JD-AR & ARCore by Google Innovative Consumer Application Competition. Taking place in China the event is geared to create a series of applications featuring augmented reality for the retail world.

Augmented Reality tech is the latest and greatest development at the forefront of the tech world. As with blockchain tech has been working with it for some time. Partnering with ARCore by Google, Jingdong is preparing to delve even deeper into AR waters. First, however, lets briefly go over what AR technology is.

Augmented Reality is the little sister of virtual reality. It takes the world around you and augments it so that you are actually interacting with physical objects. These objects which can be common house hold items turn into whatever reality is being broadcasted. VR replaces reality completely. The reason why AR is so important is because of the effects it can have on retail. At present virtual retail still suffers from its lack of actual physical presence. Consumer cannot interact with the products they shop for. AR would change all that allowing consumer to interact with items in an enhanced reality

JD’s contest will give the reins to a series of big brands it partners with. These brands, Walmart and Mead Johnson just to name a few, will give developers from around the world real-life problems which they will utilize AR to solve. The event will test how AR can both retain and ultimately attract online consumers. The scenarios presented will represent different markets as well using omnichannel targeted marketing.

The JD-AR & ARCore by Google Innovative Consumer Application Competition comes on the heels of’s recent RaaS initiatives. The company has been using Retail as a Service mandates to share its success with blockchains. So far JD has released an open platform for business to customize blockchain programs off of, as well as JD Chain which allows them to access the framework to construct their own platform.




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