Grace Farms foundation is a private organization that enhances life by engaging with the community and nature initiatives. Grace Farms encourages institutions and individual to collaborate and work together for the benefit of society. The foundation obtains its funds from different donors who have managed to raise over $120 million for the development of the site.


Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation offers institutional and cultural learning; it also has large serene with more than 80 acres that attract people who go there often to witness the creative features in the firm. The foundation opens every day and in this way, it helps to preserve nature and beauty. Different activities are carried out throughout the week so that people from different cultures can enjoy their stay for free.


Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation was founded by Sharon Prince in 2009; the main reason for starting the foundation was to accommodate marginalized families and immigrants. Besides she is fighting to ensure child exploitation, human trafficking is curbed, and cases against human violence both in local and international is being controlled.


Besides being the president of Grace Farms foundation, She serves as a member of Next Generation Nepal, a charitable organization that helps victims of child exploitation to unite with their families. She has also worked as a president of 66North, an organization that manufactures outwears that she used to distribute to different stores within America.


Prince is a graduate with a degree in business administration and masters that she acquired from Tulsa University. Sharon Prince’s role in the community and around the globe is to fight against gender-based violence through manifesting her resilience that she gained knowledge in the business school when she would not afford funds to cater for her education and at the same time recovering from surgery when she still had young children. The incidents, therefore, have given her reason to support the community through Grace Farms foundation.


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