Glen Schlossberg is a professional fashionist and the chief executive officer of the fashion and Design Company in the United States known as Jump Design Group. His passion for fashion started way back when he was a young boy intuited with her parent who was dressmaker and tailor. Her mother used to make different designs of dresses, and it is from there when he realized he had a real passion for fashion. Glen established his own company with the aim of transforming the fashion industry and advancing it technologically.

Glen Schlossberg attended the New York Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied his career in fashion and design. Glenn was enrolled in the institution since he was young and it is her where his talent was nurtured. After completing his studies and working for some years, Glen ended up founding the Jump Design Group. Jump travels to many countries across the world attending various fashion show occasions. It does so with the aim of wanting to have an insight into what are the most exciting and significant trends in the fashion and design industry.

Glen’s Company is unique from other fashion brands as it always works in direct conjunction with the domestic warehouses in the country; hence they create their fashion products quickly. The company still gets its fashion products from the design status to the shelves in less than a month. This approach of working makes the brand to release innovative seasonal products of the best fashion in time.

Glen Schlossberg is now serving as the chief executive officer and the chairman of Jump, and he is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s growth and prosperity. His company also designs fast fashion product for celebrities in and outside the country. Jump is also known for making accessible and quick fashion for the female gender in the Western. It is this advancement that places the company at the peak of the fashion and design industry.

Jump is made up of highly qualified staff members who are devoted to offering quality services thus leveraging its productivity and performance. The marketing experts of the firm scale the company to greater heights. Glen’s company also caters for some reputable brands in online and traditional retailers including Macy’s, Zippos and Nordstrom. As the leader of the firm, Glen Schlossberg uses technology to come up with innovative new fashions and designs. To know more about Glenn Schlossberg visit

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